1980, Boston, MA
  Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY
2006 MFA | Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT
2003 BA | Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
2019 Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX (forthcoming)
2018 Blue Room, James Fuentes, New York, NY
2017 Selective Color, M+B, Los Angeles, CA
  New Canvas, James Fuentes, New York, NY
  Boca Raton Museum, Contemporary Photography Forum, Boca Raton, FL
2016 Hand, Select & Invert Layer, Bolte Lang, Zurich, Switzerland
2015 Fruits et Riche Vaisselle Sur Une Table 1640-2015, One Star Press, Paris, France
2014 Shadows, Patterns, Pears, Foam Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  Screen Selections and Still Lifes, Wallspace, New York, NY
  The Alphabet, The Suburban, Oak Park, IL
2013 Shadows and Pears, The Horticultural Society of New York, NY
  The Green Line, M+B, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Portraits and Parts, Wallspace, Still Lifes, New York, NY
  Flowers & Shadows, Onestar Press, Paris, France
  Daniel Gordon and Talia Chetrit, Tony Wight Gallery, Chicago, IL
2010 Claudia Groeflin Galerie, New York, NY
  Thirty-One Days, Callicoon Fine Arts, Callicoon, NY
2009 Leo Koenig Projekte, New York, NY
  Portrait Studio, Groeflin Maag Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland
2007 Thin Skin II, Zach Feuer Gallery, New York, NY
2006 Groeflin Maag Galerie, Basel, Switzerland
2004 Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX
  Groeflin Maag Galerie, Basel, Switzerland
2018 Loading... Works from the Foam Collection, Foam Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  Feast for the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography, Louisiana Art & Science Museum, Baton Rouge, LA
  Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose, Jack Hanley Gallery, New York, NY
  Screenspace, Nara Roesler Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil
  Cut! Paper Play in Contemporary Photography, The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA
  Roesler Hotel: Screenscapes, Galeria Nara Roesler, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2017 Contemporary Photography Forum, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL
  Inaugural Exhibition: Oliver Twist, Chapter 2, Rental Gallery, East Hampton, NY
  Ready. Fire! Aim., curated by DJ Hellerman, Hall Art Foundation, Reading, VT
  Fickle Food Upon A Shifting Plate, Curated by Tayah Leigh Barrs and organised with Laurence Owen, Studio_Leigh, London, United Kingdom
2016 Collected, Pier 24, San Francisco, CA
  New Builds, Josh Lilley Gallery, London, UK
2015 Eat Abstractedly, Mary Mary, Glasgow, UK
2014 Secondhand, Pier 24, San Francisco, CA
  Under Construction, Foam Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  The Crystal Palace, Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York, NY
  Particular Pictures, The Suzanne Geiss Company, New York, NY
2013 Reality Check, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA
  Hair and Skin, Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY
  Ten Years, Wallspace, New York, NY
  Jew York, UNTITLED, New York, NY
  Merge Visible, Horton Gallery, New York, NY
  This is the Story of America, Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy
2012 Reality Check, Bakalar & Paine Gallery, Boston, MA
  Eye of Horus, Patricia Low Contemporary, Gstaad, Switzerland
  What Do You Believe In, New York Photo Festival, Brooklyn, NY
  Out of Focus, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
  Screenshots, William Benton Museum of Art, Storrs, CT
  The Big Toe, Wallspace, New York, NY
  Face Time, On Stellar Rays, New York, NY
  State of the Art Photography, NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf, Germany
2011 Go Figure, Dodge Gallery, New York, NY
  The New Photograph, The Hagedorn Foundation, Atlanta, GA
2010 Greater New York, MoMA P.S.1, Queens, NY
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  In a Paperweight Tony Wight Gallery, Chicago, IL
  Spring Fever, 106 Green, Brooklyn, NY
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  Derek Eller Gallery, Summer Group Show, New York, NY
  A Brief But Violent Episode, Sunday Gallery, New York, NY
  Photographic Works, Cohen and Leslie Gallery, New York, NY
  On From Here, Guild and Greyshkull, New York, NY
  All Suffering Soon To End, Callicoon Fine Arts, Callicoon, NY
  A Fragile Reality, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR
2008 The Constructed Image, Redux Contemporary Arts Center, Charleston, SC
  Stretching the Truth, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI
  Fresh Kills, curated by David Kennedy-Cutler, Dumbo Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY
  Like Watching a Train Wreck, Groeflin Maag Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland
2007 Warhol &... Kantor/Feuer Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York, NY
  I Am Eyebeam, curated by Lorelei Stewart and Melanie Schiff, Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
2006 Scarecrow, curated by David Hunt, Postmasters, New York, NY
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