BORN 1977, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
2006 BFA in Photography, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada
2019 Iterations (II), M+B Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2018 Iterations (I), Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montreal, Canada
2017 Pictures for Women, Higher Pictures, New York, NY
2016 M+B Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  Transmutations, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montreal, Canada
2015 Wild Permutations, Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
  Custom Colour, Higher Pictures, New York, NY
  Wild Permutations, MOCA Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
2014 Jessica Eaton: New Works, Jessica Bradley Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  Ad Infinitum, The Photographers' Gallery/The Hospital Club, London, UK
2013 Flash: Jessica Eaton, California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA
  Hyères 2013: International Festival of Fashion and Photography, Hyères, France
2012 Polytopes, M+B Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  Squeezed Coherent States, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2011 Cubes for Albers and LeWitt, Higher Pictures, New York, NY
  The Whole is Greater Than The Sum of The Parts: Lucas Blalock and Jessica Eaton, Contact Gallery /Contact Photography Festival 2011, Toronto, Canada
2010 Strata: New works by Jessica Eaton, Red Bull 381 Projects, Toronto, Canada
  Umbra Penumbra, PUSH Galerie, Montreal, Canada
2009 Variables, LES Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
  Photographs, Hunter and Cook HQ, Toronto, Canada
2018 Fulhame's Map, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, BC
  Made Still, Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2017 Canadian Biennial, National Gallery Of Canada, Ottowa, Canada
2016 There is nothing I could say that I haven’t thought before, in collaboration with Cynthia Diagnault, Stems Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2015 Russian Doll, M+B, Los Angeles, CA
  Mediated Images, Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy
  Are You Experienced?, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Canada
  Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography, Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, Brooklyn, NY
  Process and Abstraction, Cleveland Museum of Art's Transformer Station, Cleveland, OH
2014 Eleven Rivington, New York, NY
  Me and Benjamin, curated by M+B, Galerie Xippas, Paris, France
  Who’s Afraid of Purple, Orange and Green?, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, Canada
  Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography, Foam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  Cut Fold Rewrite, Feldbuschwiesner, Berlin, Germany
  Speaking Through Paint: Hans Hofmann's Legacy Today, Lori Bookstein Fine Art, New York, NY
2013 With a Trace: Photographs of Absence, Akron Art Museum, OH
  Circling the Inverse Square, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, Canada
  Color Acting, The Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL
  Color as Material, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, FAFA Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Attachments, The Hole, New York, NY
  Photography is Magic, Daegu Photography Biennial, South Korea
  There is Something Happening Here, Bancolini Grimaldi, London, UK
  New Meditations, Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  What's the Point?, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, NY
  Phantasmagoria, Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
  Ristruttura, ProjectB Contemporary, Milan, Italy
  Photography Is, Higher Pictures, New York, NY
  Hyères 2012: International Festival of Fashion and Photography, Hyères, France
  Flash Forward Festival, Boston, MA
2011 Quebéc Triennial, Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Montréal, Canada
  Foam: Talent, Foam Fotographie Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  Flash Forward 2011, Magenta Foundation, Toronto, Canada
  Always the Young Strangers, Higher Pictures, New York, NY
  If the Sun had a Sound it would Sound like This, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  The Sum of All Colors, Sasha Wolf Gallery, New York, NY
  Sails, Cubes and Folds, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2010 Constellation Program, curated by Nicholas Brown and Catherine Dean, Art Toronto, Canada
  2010 Special Projects, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada
  Group Show TASHCEN, curated by Jon Feinstein and Amani Olu (Humble Arts), TASCHEN Book Store, New York, NY
  Day Glow, curated by Andrew Laumann, Nudashank Gallery, Baltimore, MD
  Summer Group Show, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  HHS Showcase, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, NY
  31 Women in Art Photography, curated by Charlotte Cotton and Jon Feinstein, Affirmation Arts and Humble Arts Foundation, New York, NY
  01, Presented by 01 Magaine, curated by Redia Soltis and Jennilee Marigomen, 107 Shaw, Toronto, Canada
2009 Mixtape, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, NY
  Night Vision Vol. II, Strathcona Park, Vancouver, Canada
2008 The Hungry Ghost curated by Jay Isaac and Tony Romano, Paul Petro Project Space, Toronto, Canada
  Up Art Contemporary Art Fair, curated by Gregory Elgstrand, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada
2007 Incidental Geography, curated by Lee Hutzulak, Gaff Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
  Let There Be Light, curated by Nicolas Pittman, Blanket Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
  Pop Philosophy, curated by Rachelle Sawatsky, Access Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2011 Cross Canada Billboards, Public Art Installation in conjunction with the Contact Photography Festival, Avenue Van Horne, Montreal, Canada
  Flash Forward Festival 2010 : Cubes for Albers and LeWitt, Public Art Installation for the Magenta Foundation, Fairmont Battery Wharf, Boston, MA
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2014 Canada Council for the Arts, Research and Creation Project Grant
2013 Aimia | AGO Photography Prize, Canada
  PDN 30 2013: Photographers to Watch, USA
2012 Hyères, Photography Jury Grand Prize, France
2011 Talents, Foam International Photography Magazine, The Netherlands
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