BORN 1975
  Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY
2005 MFA | Yale University, New Haven, CT
1997 BA | University of California at Berkeley, CA
2021 Repetition & Difference, M+B, Los Angeles
2020 Repetition & Difference, Van Doren Waxter, New York, NY
2019 Mariah Robertson, Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute, IN
2018 Fun Packed Holiday, Lora Reynolds, Houston, TX
  The Hydra, M+B, Los Angeles, CA
2017 Chaos Power Center, 11R, New York, NY
2016 Two-person exhibition with Jennie Jieun Lee, 11R, New York, NY
2015 Photography Lovers’ Peninsula, M+B, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Paris Photo Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
2013 Permanent Puberty, American Contemporary, New York, NY
  NADA Miami Beach, Miami, FL
2012 Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY (Performance)
  Kogod Courtyard, Washington, D.C. (Performance)
  Let’s Change, Grand Arts, Kansas City, MO
2011 Central Utah Art Center, Ephraim, UT
  BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, curated by Laurence Sillars, Gateshead, UK
  HOT TROPICAL RAIN JAM, Museum 52, New York, NY
  MoMA PS1, Long Island City, NY (Performance)
2010 ARTFORUM, Berlin, Germany
2009 Take Better Pictures, Museum 52, New York, NY
  I Am Passions, Marvelli Gallery, New York, NY
  Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY (Performance)
2007 Nudes, Still Lives and Landscapes, Guild & Greshkul, New York, NY
2006 Please lie down and take a nap with me in my grave, Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY
2019 Woman in Colour: Group Exhibition, Galerie Miranda, Paris, France
2018 Screenspace, curated by Lucas Blalock, Barney Kulok, and Vik Muniz, Nara Roesler Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil
2017 Photoplay: Lucid Objects (from the JP Morgan Chase Art Collection), Paris Photo, Paris, France
  Contra, Fine Arts Center Gallery, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
2016 New Photography, BAM, Brooklyn, NY
  Island States, Tops Gallery, Memphis, TN
  This is a Photograph, Penland Gallery, Penland, NC
  Surrogates, Griffin Art Projects, Vancouver, BC
  World Made By Hand, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, NY
  Vapegoat Rising, Arturo Bandini, Los Angeles, CA
  Cut-Up, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT
2015 Russian Doll, M+B, Los Angeles, CA
  Panic Pants, organized by Tatiana Kronberg, Essex Flowers, New York, NY
  Back to the Real, David B. Smith Gallery, Denver, CO
  Part Picture, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, ON
  Jessica Eaton, Mariah Robertson, Alison Rossiter, Cleveland Museum of Art’s Transformer Station, Cleveland, OH
  "Picture/Thing, Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University Center for the Arts,
  Color Fields, Sandra and David Bakalar Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, MA
2014 Modern Alchemy: Experiments in Photography, The Heckscher Museum of Art, NY
  "CHEM 101: The Science of Photography, The William Benton Museum of Art at the
  The Material Image, curated by Debra Singer, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, NY
  By Proxy, James Cohan Gallery, New York, NY
  Me and Benjamin, curated by M+B, Galerie Xippas, Paris
  Broken Surface Artificial Matter, Halsey McKay Gallery, New York
  Aggregate Exposure, George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco
  Process Priority, Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston, MA
  A World of Its Own: Photographic Practices in the Studio, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
  Outside the Lines: Rites of Spring, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Texas
  What is a Photograph?, International Center of Photography, New York, NY
2013 19 New Acquisitions in Photography, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
  How Things are Made (an exhibition in 3 parts), Spot Welders, New York, NY
  Old Black, Team Gallery, New York, NY
  Under My Skin, Flowers Gallery, New York, NY
  Desire, Yancey Richardson, New York, NY
2012 Photography, Sculpture, Figure, M+B, Los Angeles, CA
  Out of Focus, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
  Manscape: Man as Subject and Object, Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, TX
  The Space in Between, Steven Zevitas, Boston, MA
  Second Nature: Abstract Photography Then and Now, de Cordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA
  Hi Jack!, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, NY
  Space Invaders, Lehman College Art Gallery, New York, NY
  The Hort Family Collection, New York, NY
  Someone Puts Together A Pineapple, Acme, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Cry Baby Presents, Los Angeles, CA
  Fight or Flight, curated by Justin Lieberman, Franklin Parrasch, New York, NY
  Process(ing), Galerie Perrotin, Paris, France
  Perfectly Damaged, Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY
  Against The Way Things Go, Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, Inc. New York, NY
  Channel to the New Image, Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, NY
2010 Greater New York, ps1/MoMA
  Skins, OHWOW Gallery, Miami, FL
  50 Artists Photograph the Future, Higher Pictures, New York, NY
  Mexican Blanket, Museum 52, London, UK
  Color as Form: Playing the Spectrum, Silver Eye Centre for Photography, Pittsburgh, PA
  A World Like Tomorrow Wears Things Out, Sikkema Jenkins, New York, NY
  IN SIDE OUT, Susan Inglett Gallery, New York, NY
  Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York, Ny
  Transfer Function, Zieher Smith, New York, NY
2009 XOXO, Apartment Show, Brooklyn, NY
  If the Dogs are Barking, Apartment Show at Artists Space, New York, NY
  Experimental Photography, Marvelli Gallery, New York, NY
  The Company Presents: A Video Screening, Miami Beach, FL
  Wrong: A Program of Text and Image, Eight Veil, Los Angeles, CA
  I’m Feeling Lucky, P.P.O.W Gallery, New York, NY
  On From Here, Guildt & Greyshkul, New York, NY
2008 "Sonata for Executioner and Various Young Women, André Schechtriem Contemporary,
  Deadliest Catchl: Hamptons, CORE: Hamptons, NY
  From Viennese Actionism to the Triumph of Vince Young, CRG Gallery, New York, NY
  FRIENDLY, organized by Sam Clagnaz and Tommy Hartung, New York, NY
2007 Divine Find, Stonefox Artspace, New York, NY
  A Moving World, Gallery w52, New York, NY
  Where To: Artists Environ a Cab, The Lab, San Francisco, CA
  Practical F/X, Mary Boone Gallery, New York, NY
  "STUFF: International Contemporary Art from the Collection of Burt Aaron, Museum of
2006 Haunted States Grand Arts, Kansas City, KS
  The Truth About Susan Gescheidle, The Centre of Attention, Chicago, IL
  The SevSenth Side of the Die, Alona Kagan Gallery, New York, NY
  Help Yourself, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2005 Loop Video Festival, Barcelona, Spain
  Video Pleasures of the East Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  Early February, Green Hall Gallery, New Haven, CT
  Community Theater Art Space Annex, New Haven, CT
2003 Great Indoors, Walter Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
2002 Shit Hot Lucky, Tackle Gallery, Oakland, CA
  Element of the Temporary Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA
2001 Just Short Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA
  Red Wine & High Heels Lair of the Minotaur, San Francisco, CA
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