Gallery Platform.LA: Sung Hwa Kim: "Nocturne"

M+is pleased to present new paintings by New York based artist, Sung Hwa Kim. The artist’s Nocturne series is based on his experiences of late night bike rides through the city during the pandemic. These contemplative nighttime pictures depict tonal views of the skyward gaze, often capturing moments of light breaking through darkness. 

At the start of the pandemic, the absence of human interaction and the collective uncertainty about the future incited feelings of anxiety and fear. Like many artists, I found the act of creation challenging. There was something shameful about being in my studio while all over the city, all over the world, people were suffering. I started taking long, late-night bike rides to escape both my thoughts and worries and New York City’s crowded streets and subways. 
The “Nocturne” series captures the particular scenes, emotions, and images that I experienced while on my nightly excursions. I found that under the cover of darkness, light appeared brighter. Moving through the night was like navigating through the uncertainty of our current moment. 
—Sung Hwa Kim


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