Daisy Parris: Pain For Home

M+is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Daisy Parris. Pain For Home is the artist’s first show with the gallery and runs from March 6 through April 17, 2021.

On Saturday, March 6, the gallery will host an all-day opening reception from noon until 6 pm. Visitors are required to wear masks, and capacity will be limited to no more than six people at one time. Advanced appointments are required.


Daisy Parris’ work articulates a distinct psychological space where color and texture become conduits for memory and connection. In Pain for Home, Parris explores a fervid palette of pinks and reds to help form the show’s emotional topography. These hues chart an inner landscape, conjuring moments of tender longing and feelings of nostalgia, while also alluding to the visceral and the corporeal.

The process of making is very physical for Parris who scrubs and layers the paint on the canvas with a small brush. The surfaces, built up with thick impasto and clusters of marks, communicate a distinct visual language, offering an intimate disclosure of experience and personal history. Some works include text or collaged elements embedded in them as further exchange with the viewer.

For Parris, the act of painting is a mode of feeling, focused as much on the experience of making as with the picture. The works stem from an indelibly empathetic practice that allows for vulnerability and honesty. We are invited to participate, to acknowledge and share in certain emotions and memories. Ultimately, the primal immediacy and radiating energy of Parris’ work reflects the simple human longing to communicate, to make meaning that others can access and reflect on.


Daisy Parris (b. 1993, Kent, UK) holds a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University in London. Recent exhibitions include Star-Studded Canopy, Sim Smith, London (solo); The Worry Tree, Ruttkowski68, Paris (solo); Talk Like Strangers, with Nico Stone, Sebastian Helling and Jesse Littlefield, Part 2 Gallery, Oakland, CA; What Kind Of Spirit Is This?, Sim Smith, London; and Poem, Las Palmas Project, Lisbon. Daisy Parris lives and works in London and appears courtesy of Sim Smith, London.


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