Kristof Santy's stylized paintings of interiors, still lifes, landscapes, gastronomy, and folklore elevates the everyday domestic into the venerated. Always in reverence of his subjects, he captures them in detailed, vividly color-blocked compositions with his trademark flatness. By focusing on the subject, rather than narrative, he creates a sympathetic portrait that anthropomorphizes the otherwise commonplace. In humanizing his subject, a bond is formed between the painting and viewer that stirs feelings of nostalgia and the comfort of home.
Kristof Santy (b. 1987, Belgium) has had solo exhibitions with Christine König Galerie, Vienna; Galerie Thomas Serruys, Bruges; and Unit, London. His work has been included in group exhibitions at Galerie De Ziener, Asse, Belgium; Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium; and Yusto/Giner, Malaga, Spain. In addition to M+B, the artist is represented by Sorry We're Closed in Brussels, and Christine König Galerie in Vienna. Kristof Santy lives and works in Roeselare, Belgium.